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The Skaftafellsjökull glacier is an outlet glacier extending from the Vatnajökull ice cap on the east side of Skaftafellsheiði heath. Hafrafell stands to the east of it and marks the divide between the Skaftafell and Svínafell glaciers, whereas in 1940 the glaciers enclosed the mountain



Glacier trail - Visitor trail

4,1 km hringleið
1-1,5 klst

The walk along Jökulslóð is like a living history lesson about the retreat of a glacier. The landscapes shaped by glacier are prominent on the route, such as glacier gardens and kettle holes, and you can see the progress of vegetation at different levels. The trail is part of the Melting Glaciers project. Along the way, there are numbered markers that refer to the interpretation that can be found electronically below.