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Rafstöð, Skaftafell

The power station at Magnúsarfoss

Two self-educated electricians, Helgi Arason from Fagurhólsmýri and Skarphéðinn Gíslason from Vagnsstaðir, built two power stations in Skaftafell. One of these power stations was located by Hæðir and the other in Vestragil, below Magnúsarfoss. The local power station in Vestragil was taken into operation in 1925 and generated electric power (3.45 kW) for the farmsteads named Bölti and Sel.

The electricity that it produced was used for cooking, lighting and heating. The power station got its power from Stórilækur, by harnessing the water volume of the river instead of the hydraulic head of the waterfall, like most other power stations did at the time. The power station remained in operation until 1973, when state-provided electricity finally became available. It was rebuilt 2001-2003 and is currently open to visitors. 
There is a short hiking route that leads to the power station, by way of Vestragil from Lambhagi. It is a good addition when hiking to Svartifoss or Sel. 



Svartifoss - Sjónarsker - Sel

5,8 km cirlce
2 hour

Svartifoss with its beautiful columnar rocks is one of the highlights of Skaftafell, but the path through the forest offers a unique experience at any time of the year. On the way you can admire Hundafoss and Magnúsarfoss, from Sjónskeri the views are wide to all directions in good visibility and the old sod house in Sel.


Gömlutún - Visitor trail

1,6 km
0,5-1 hour

There is a visitor trail through Gömlutún, which is at the bottom of Skaftafellsheiði. Five interpretation signs have been installed there. You can learn about the history of the area and how life was in Öræfi as welll as the effect of glacial rivers and volcanic eruptions on the history of living in Öræfi.