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Skaftafell, Gömlutún, börn


When the fields and meadows in the lowlands were covered by glacial rivers, the locals moved the Skaftafellsbær farm up the hillside and continued farming there. Gömlutún is the site of old ruined buildings, which visitors can examine and  think of times past. Even though Gömlutún have not been mowed for a very long time, the area has not yet been reclaimed by the forest. During the early years of the national park at Skaftafell, paths were laid in the slopes above the camping area. In order to reach the worksites with their tools and materials, the workers went by bulldozer from the bottom of the hills and up by Gömlutún, and part of the resulting path now forms the Gömlutún footpath. 

At Gömlutún there is a trail for visitors. There are also five information plaques that provide details about the history of the area, human settlement and activity in the Öræfi area, and the impact which glacial waters and volcanic eruptions have had on the history of human habitation in Öræfi.



Gömlutún - Visitor trail

1,6 km
0,5-1 hour

There is a visitor trail through Gömlutún, which is at the bottom of Skaftafellsheiði. Five interpretation signs have been installed there. You can learn about the history of the area and how life was in Öræfi as welll as the effect of glacial rivers and volcanic eruptions on the history of living in Öræfi.


Svartifoss - Sjónarsker - Sel

5,8 km cirlce
2 hour

Svartifoss with its beautiful columnar rocks is one of the highlights of Skaftafell, but the path through the forest offers a unique experience at any time of the year. On the way you can admire Hundafoss and Magnúsarfoss, from Sjónskeri the views are wide to all directions in good visibility and the old sod house in Sel.