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Hoffell is the name for a farmstead from the Age of Settlement, located at Nes í Hornafirði. The landscape around Hoffell is diverse and beautiful, and features creeping glaciers, mountaintops, rivers and outwash plains. Hot water sources have been found at Hoffell, and the area has hot springs in their natural environment.

Picnic tables
Parking lot
No overnight stays

Hoffell is located about 20 km from Höfn í Hornafirði, and has various hiking routes and the picturesque natural treasure that is Hoffellsjökull. From Route 1 there extends a 3 kilometre long paved road that leads to the guesthouse at Hoffell. There you can find a short informative presentation about Hoffellsjökull glacier and the surrounding area. To reach Hoffellsjökull by car it is necessary to drive on a 4 kilometre long gravel road that can often be in rough condition, especially during the snow melting season, when the road can disappear in certain locations. It is recommended to travel by four-wheel drive vehicles to the car park at Hoffellsjökull. There is also the option of walking from the guest house to the car park by the glacier.


Hiking trails


Hoffellsjökull (viewpoint)

0,5 km
10 min

The hike starts at the car park in front of Hoffellsjökul and continues southwest of Geitafellsbjörg. The viewpoint offers view over Hoffellsjökull glacier and the glacier lagoon.



1,5 km
1 h

The trail goes around húsberg the first part of Geitafellsbjörg.



5,6 km
2-3 h

A scenic circle trail around Geitafellsbjörg that can offer a good view over Hoffellsjökul and the glacier lagoon in front of the glacier.


Geitafellstindur - O4

12 km
4-5 h

The trail follows the circular route around Geitafellsbjörg (O3) then the trail turns up the hill to Geitafellstindur.


Hoffell - Hoffellsjökull

7,5 km
2,5 h

The trail starts at the Hoffell guesthouse and follows the side of the mountain Hoffellsfjall towards Hoffellsjökull glacier. The trail is not marked.

Photo: iStock (The World Traveller)



27,5 km
7-8 h

The trial follows the mountain terrain of Núpar, Hoffelsjökull glacier and Hoffell. The trail is difficult and only recommended for experienced hikers. Almost no cell signal is on the trail and the park advices hikes to leave a travel plan with Safe travel at

Mynd: iStock (Anze Furlan)