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Fláajökull is a creeping glacier that extends from Vatnajökull at the south part of Vatnajökull National Park.

Parking lot
No overnight staying

Fláajökull is a creeping glacier located about 40 km to the west of Höfn í Hornafirði, an estimated 30 minute drive from Höfn. The side road to Fláajökull extends from Route 1 between the farms Hólmur and Lambleiksstaðir, and the drive includes a 6 km gravel road to reach the car park at Fláajökull.
There is also the option of getting to Fláajökull from Haukafell, which is about 30 km west of Höfn. This involves driving to the camping area at Haukafell and then hiking on a little over 2 kilometre long footpath to reach Fláajökull.

There are several hiking routes in the area in addition to interesting informational plaques about the area's history and geology. Reindeer can be spotted in the area, especially in the wintertime.


Fláajökull reached its maximum expansion in 1894, after having advanced for centuries in colder climate conditions compared to today. During the period referred to as the “Little Ice Age”, which began in the 13th century and lasted until the end of the 19th century, glaciers advanced. Fláajökull extended its snout into the lowlands, close to the nearest farmsteads. Glacier streams flowed freely, destroying pasture land and laying waste to farms.


Hiking trails


Historical Trail south of Fláajökull

2,6 km
1-2 h

An interpretive trail focused on the history of the area.


Geological Trail east of Fláajökull

3,6 km
2 h

An interpretive trail about the geology of the area. We recommend adding this trail to trail J3.


Skálafell - Heinabergslón

7,5 km
3-4 h

The trail connects Skálafell farm and Heinabergslón glacier lagoon.

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Heinabergslón - Fláajökull (Hólmsá)

8,3 km
5-6 klst.h

Attention hikers there is no bridge over Hólmsá river and it is not recommend to cross it.


Fláajökull (Hólmsá) - Haukafell

4,5 km
4-5 h

The trail connects Hólmsá river and Haukafell.