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Outside Lón, to the east of Vatnajökull, there is a circle of mountains, valleys and wilderness areas called Stafafellsfjöll, and Lónsöræfi is a newer name for the same area which encompasses the land between Snæfell and Stafafellsfjöll. The area is known for its impressive and colourful mountains and diverse hiking routes. There are many sheltered, lush vales and there is a good chance of reindeer sightings when travelling through the area. The Stafafell area is a magnificent hiking area for nature lovers.



Information about huts and camping areas

There are several mountain cabins in the nature reserve at Lónsöræfi or adjacent areas. At Kollumúli there is the hut called Múlaskáli, which is owned by the touring association Ferðafélag Austur-Skaftfellinga, and includes flushing toilets and a shower. There is also Múlakot, which is for the accommodation of the rangers of Vatnajökull National Park, although the ranger lives at Lónsöræfi in the summertime and provides general maintenance and supplies information to travellers. The ranger is usually in the area from the beginning of July until mid-August. Comparable services are provided in the hut named Snæfellsskáli, where rangers are also stationed in the summertime.

Múlaskáli, run by Ferðafélag Austur-Skaftafellssýslu

Egilssel, run by Ferðafélag Fljótsdalshéraðs

Geldingafell, run by Ferðafélagi Fljótsdalshéraðs

Hut by Leirás, run by Ferðafélagi Djúpavogs

Snæfellsskáli, run by Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður

Practical information