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Are you going to camp in Ásbyrgi or Skaftafelli this summer?

Are you going to camp in Ásbyrgi or Skaftafell this summer, hike to Eyjan in Ásbyrgi or hike the Glacier Trail to Skaftafellsjökull? Here are some good travel tips before you set off.

24. July 2023
Tjaldsvæði, Ásbyrgi

There is a large campsite at Ásbyrgi with facilities for tents, trailer tents and caravans. It is advised to book a campsite before arrival due to the popularity of the campsite, and then there is also a greater chance of being able to reserve a pitch with electrical connections. Pitches on the campsites are sold on the website

At the campground in Skaftafell there is section is reserved for campers and camping trailers, with access to electricity. The campsite has 100 electrical outlets. It is not possible to reserve a camping space in advance in Skaftafelli.

Campsites in Ásbyrgi & Skaftafell

The price lists for camping sites in Vatnajökull National Park are now based on a different philosophy than before. Until now, the fee was based on the number of guests, now the charge is based on the guest´s accommodation units or cars and appropriate pithces. The pitches are divided into three size categories: small tent, large tent and motorhome/caravan/collapsible/camper/top tent. Camping fees are intended to cover the various costs of operating and maintaining the campsites.

Ásbyrgi séð frá Klöppum

View over Ásbyrgi from Klappir. Photo: Helga Árnadóttir

Travel advice

Nature is the most important thing we have—but do not own. At the very least we are all part of it and have a duty to work together to take care of it. Here is some good travel advice that concerns travellers and nature.

View over Morsárdalur and Kjós from Kristínartindar. Photo: Helga Árnadóttir

Hiking- and biking routes

The National Park is a venue for a wide variety of outdoor activities, and people are finding more and more ways to enjoy the outdoors. Hiking is probably one of the oldest forms of outdoor recreation and numerous routes are available in Ásbyrgi, Skaftafell and at Jökulsárlón. In recent years cycling has grown in popularity and a considerable number of visitors choose to travel by bike. The policy of the National Park is to increase the number of defined, marked cycle routes. Roads are of course also accessible to bikes.