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Skaftafell campground

The campground in Skaftafell is open year-round. Flush toilets are available in the area as well as a variety of seasonal tourism services and privately operated restaurants. Entrance to the campground is located on the west side. The campground in Skaftafell has room for about 400 tents. A section is reserved for campers and camping trailers, with access to electricity. Reservations can be made for groups only.

Visitors should register and pay for their stay at the camping reception prior to camping.

Opening hours

The campground is open all year round. Zones A and C is the only one open during the winter to prevent damage on other zones.

Due to frost no water is available outside until middle of May. Water is available inside.

No indoor dining or cooking facilities are available for campground visitors. Dish washing can be done in kitchen sinks next to the service buildings.

470 8300


100 Electrical outlets
Campers and camping trailers
Washer and dryes
Drinking water
Weelchair accessbile

Map of Skaftafell campground

The campground has 8 pitches, from A-H. Zones are divided after the services that are available.

  • Pitches A and C - Accessible by cars, divided into sites and have access to electricity.
  • Pitches B and D - Accessible by cars, have access to electricity. The zone is not divided into sites.
  • Pitches E, F and G - It is not allowed to drive onto these pitches

General information