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Kjós is a colorful glacier valley surrounded with 1000 meter high mountains.

From Skaftafell Visitor Centre head towards Sjónarsker and continue to Morsárdalur. Continue across the footbridge over Morsá river and straight on the marked trail that leads to the birch woods in Bæjarstaðarskógur. Turn right when you arrive at the signpost in the woods. There is no well-defined trail leading to Kjós, instead you have to find a suitable route yourself. Continue until you arrive in Kjós. The same route will take you back towards Grjóthóll but instead of crossing the bridge you should continue on the trail next to the river until you arrive at the footbridge by Götugil. Cross the bridge and follow the marked trail to Skaftafell Visitor Centre.

30 km
Estimated time
8-10 hours
150 m
Starting point
Skaftafellsstofa Visitor centre

Connected hikes


Bæjarstaðarskógur - Visitor trail

15,3 km
4-5 hours

A trail that leads from Skaftafellstofa and into Bæjarstaðarskógur. If you follow the southern trail into Bæjarstaðarskógue, five signs have been put up from Lambhagi and inside Bæjarstaðarskógur with information and interpretation about folk live, wildlife and more.



19,5 km
6-7 h

Morsárjökull is a scenic glacier in Morsárdalur valley. The ice falls of the cliff and in summer time hikers can often hear the ice falling. On top of the glacier lays a landslide from 2007.

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