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Laki - Visitor trail

At Laki a visitor trail tells the story of the catastrophic Laki Fires eruption in 1783–1784, and informs the visitor about the natural environment of the Lakagígar craters. The trail passes through one of the craters. The start of the visitor trail is marked by an information sign, where the visitor can pick up a guide leaflet. At numbered posts along the route, the visitor pauses to read a brief story or text in the leaflet about a natural phenomenon nearby.

500 m
Approx. time
30-40 min
Trail difficulty factor
Starting point
Upper car park next to Laki

Around 230 years ago, here at Laki, fire fountains erupted with loud explosions. Glowing lava flowed all the way to the coast. Now there is silence and nature colonises the solidified lava. The eruption’s influence reached far beyond Iceland’s shores and even changed the history of mankind. The story of the greatest eruption in Icelandic history is told along an interpretation trail of approximately 0,5 km. A gentle walk, with time to absorb the history, should take about 30–45 minutes.


Visitor trail booklet