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Skáli, tjaldsvæði, Blágil

Lakagígar: Blágil & Hrossatungur

Accommodations in the area are located in Blágil and include a campsite and cabin. Reservations for the cabin, which sleeps 16 in bunks in a common room, are made at the Skaftárstofa tourist information centre. The cabin features cooking facilities, flush toilets and hot showers. Only sleeping bag space is available. There is also a simple horse paddock in Blágil.

Opening hours

The hut and the campsite are open over the summer time (From ca. June-September) when The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration open the mountain road F208 to Laki.

Further information in Skaftárstofa Visitor Centre

487 4620


Drinking water
Sleeping bag needed
Cooking facilities
Showers available