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Karl and Kerling cliffs

Points of interest: History, ruins of varying ages, Jökulsá river and geological phenimena.

2-3 km
Estimated time
1 hour
Trail diffculty factor
Starting point
Vesturdalur car park

Connected hikes


Svínadalur circle

7 km
2-3 h

The trail starts at the parking area at Hljóðaklettar and goes south past the old Trolls, Karl and Kerling and towards Kallbjarg. In the last century there was a pulley over the river at Kallbjarg, which was used to transport essentials from one side to the other. From Kallbjarg the route heads west to the farm Svínadalur, deserted since 1946 and then it turns north. The trail goes over Eyjan (the Island) and then it goes down into the Vesturdalur valley and goes along the Vesturdalsá River to the camp site. From there the easiest way back to the parking area is to follow the road.

Hiking map