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Heinabergsdalur (Vatnsdalur)

In this route description, it is assumed to go into Heinabergsdaurl by bike. From the parking lot at Heinabergslón you cycle north towards Heinabergsdalur. Dalá, which comes from the valley, has to be waded/cycled quickly, but in the dry season it can be forded. The route follows a road path for about 7.5 km from the parking lot, but after that the sheep tracks take over. When you reach the innermost part of Heinabergsdalur valley, you can see down into Vatnsdalur valley, a former glacier-dammed valley that was often the source of floods in the Heinabergsvötn river in years past. The same path is followed back.

15 km
Estimated time
3-4 klst
x m
Back and forth
Starting point
Parking at Heinabergslón

Brochure and map