Rules and regulation

Law and regulation

Act on Vatnajökull National Park - No 60/2007

Regulation on Vatnajökull National Park - No 300/2020


Camping and general conduct

Within the park, visitors are required to use organised campgrounds when in the vicinity of one [see park´s map]. At places remote from any campground it is permissible* to pitch up to 10 conventional tents, for one night only. A permit from a park manager must be obtained if tents are more than 10. When camping away from an organised campground, visitors must avoid damaging the site, and must not leave any waste behind.

Care must be taken when using cooking equipment on vegetated land or in other areas where it can cause damage. Campfires are only permitted in designated areas (which are found at organised campgrounds). Visitors must bring their own firewood. It is not permissible to bury or burn waste inside the park.

Piling up rocks (building cairns) is not allowed, nor is removing rocks or plants. Efforts should be made not to disturb wildlife. Pets are welcome if they are kept securely under control, but care must be taken not to allow them to disrupt either the biota or the peace of other visitors.

Hikers must follow existing trails wherever these are visible. Cycling is allowed on roads, marked cycling trails and footpaths, provided cycling is not specifically banned. Motor vehicles may only be driven on recognised driving routes. Rules regarding horse-back travelling, hunting and fishing are available on the park‘s website.

*This rule does not apply to: Askja, Jökulsárgljúfur, Hoffell, Heinaberg, Esjufjöll or Skaftafell.