UVA permit (drone)

ATH: Umsækjendur með íslenska kennitölu skulu nota þjónustugátt Vatnajökulsþjóðgarðs. /

ATT: Applicants with an Icelandic ID number must apply through Vatnajökull National Park's service portal.

General use of UAVs (drones) is not permitted within Vatnajökull National Park. The reasons are: Protection of wildlife within the park; Visitor safety; and the park's objective of quality experience for its visitors. This is in accordance with regulation about Vatnajökull National Park (300/2020).

Park managers can permit the use of drones when guaranteed that such use will not contravene with any of the three reasons stated above. Separate permits are issued if the use is a part of scientific research or large-scale film projects (contact leyfi@vjp.is for further information).

This application form is for all UAV use that is neither a part of a scientific research or a large-scale film project. Applications must be submitted with at minimum 14 days notice. Vatnajökull National Park can not guarantee that the application will be processed if it arrives later.

Please notice: Vatnajökull National Park does not issue drone permit for the following areas within the park (except for research or commercial filming, see application forms below)

  • Skaftafell, Skaftafellsheiði, Morsárdalur, Kjós and Skaftafellsfjöll – The only exception is in front of Skaftafellsjökull.
  • Jökulsárlón - between 15th of April and 20th of July – because of bird protection during the nesting period of the Arctic tern.
  • Jökulsárgljúfur (Ásbyrgi, Vesturdalur, Hljóðaklettar, Dettifoss) – because of bird protection, for safety reasons and to ensure the quality experience of visitors.
  • Askja - to ensure the quality experience of visitors.

Note must be taken that police and ICE-SAR personnel are exempt from seeking permit when the drone use is part of law enforcement or search & rescue operations. The drone use of the previously stated personnel has however to be reported to the park authorities.

Applicant information

UAV information

Flight locations within the national park

Attention: This permit is only for flight locations that are within Vatnajökull National Park


Please be as specific as possible with locations, stating name of place and/or GPS coordinates.

If locations are more than one, please download the file and fill as many as needed. Remember to update location numbers. Please be as specific as possible with locations, stating name of place and/or GPS coordinates