Conditions and trail closures in Skaftafell

Closed trails: Trail S3 around Skaftafellsheiði is closed due to thawing conditions which makes the trail very fragile. Guests may expect the trail to open mid june.


Svartifoss: From the viewpoint down to the waterfall itself in the ravine there is a lot of snow and the trail is partly not visible. We advise our guests to approatch the waterfall from the west side.


Conditions on other trails: Trails in Skaftafell are mostly without snow and dry. However some parts may be wet and fragile the therefore we ask guests to always stay on the path as going off trail could damage the vegetation and cause erosion.


Skaftafell campground: Skaftafell campground is open. The maximum amount of guests on the campground is 200. Guests are asked to keep at least 4 meters between tents, trailors and campervans. We also encourage guests to wash their hands and use sanitizer and of course respect the two meter rule.


Skaftafell Visitor Centre: Skaftafell Visitor Centre is open every day from 8 to 20. It is possible to reach our staff in the Visitor Centre in the phone number +354 470 8300.






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