Snow in Askja

On road F894 from Drekagil to Askja there is more than 30cm  of snow in places so the road is impassable for smaller SUV like Dacia Dusters etc. For bigger 4x4 vehicles driving conditions are difficult.  Temperature will be around 0°C so the road will become slippery with traffic.

Hiking conditions in Askja are also difficult and not expected to improve today. It is windy and sleet and walking in soft snow is exhausting.


It has not snowed much on the road to Kverkfjöll or around the hut there.

Driving conditions on road F910 between Drekagil and Nýidalur are uncertain but snow can be expected as the elevation on that road is more then 900m.


For information call the rangers in Askja, 842-4357

For information for Sprengisandur call the ranger in Nýidalur 842-4377

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