Skaftafell participates in European Heritage Days

Skaftafell in Vatnajökull National Park will participate in the European Heritage Days. The European Heritage Days are the most widely celebrated participatory culural events shared by the citizens of Europe. The all-encompassing theme will include sports, photography, tourism, circus, fairs, visual arts, cinema, radio, and television among other entertainment-inspired art forms. 

The Skaftafell area has a long and valuable cultural history, it is believed that farming has been in Skaftafell since the settlement of Iceland. The inhabitants of Skaftafell area have also been known for they're craftsmanship, innovative ideas, projects and folk poetry.

The rangers will offer an guided tour in Icelandic about the culture and people of Skaftafell on the 28th of august. The tour will start at 13:00 from the visitor centre in Skaftafell and is free of charge except for the service fee in the area.

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