Ranger programme summer 2022

One of the main goals of Vatnajökull national park is to share knowledge about the nature, nature protection, history, and cultural heritage of the sites. Over the summertime park rangers offer free ­edu­cational guided walks and share information at ranger stations.  

For the summer 2022 one can find headings on the ranger program as “man & nature”, “blue gold” and “re-treating glaciers”. The walks are free of charge and many of them are offered in English as in Icelandic.

The ranger program is scattered all around the national park. Plese notice that the national park covers a big area (almost 15% of the island´s area!) and one therefore needs good travel plan and timing. In addition, many of the park areas are in the highland. That means that you need a special 4x4 vehicle to travel to these places. Make sure that you have a good map and the right vehicle for your trip.

Welcome to join the park rangers for the summer 2022!

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