Important information about the camping site in Skaftafell

Skaftafell campsite, photo from our library.
Skaftafell campsite, photo from our library.

Because of restrictions based on recommendations of the Directorate of Health, the campsite in Skaftafell, and all campsites in Iceland, only have permission to host limited number of visitors. At the Skaftafell campsite the maximum number of residents are 200 adults, children born 2005 or later are not included in this number.

Therefore we have the rule now that everyone needs to come to the Visitor Centre in Skaftafell and pay for the camping before entering the campsite. The Visitor Centre is open from 8 am until 8 pm. Let us enjoy being on holiday and traveling, but let us also enjoy the safety given by following the rules set by the government in response to the increase in Covid-19 infections in Iceland.

The 1 metre rule is in action in Skaftafell: one meter minimum distance between individuals.

Finally we would like to draw attention to fire protection rules for campsites: Space between individual tents (unrelated individuals) should be minimum 3 m. Groups can be allowed to have more tents together. Distance between campers should be minimum 4 m but 1,8 m between a camper and the nearest car or marquees. See more here (unfortunately only in Icelandic).

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