Holiday opening hours of Visitor Centres

This winter, three of the five Visitor Centres in Vatnajokull National Park have had daily opening hours. These are the Skaftafell Visitor Centre and Gamlabúð Visitor Centre (in Höfn), in the southern territory of the park, and Ásbyrgi Visitor Centre up north. The first two have had daily opening hours for some years but Ásbyrgi Visitor Centre joined the other two this winter. A welcoming and needed service to those park visitors who visit us during the winter months.

The opening hours during the Christmas holidays are as following:

                                                        General opening hours         24.12     25.12     26.12     31.12     1. 1  
Skaftafell Visitor Centre                10-17                                       10-16     12-17     10-17     10-16     12-17
Höfn Visitor Centre (Gamlabúð)   9 -13                                       9 -13      9 -13       9-13       Closed    Closed
Ásbyrgi Visitor Centre                    11-15                                     Closed    Closed    Closed    Closed    Closed

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