Difficult conditions on Hvannadalshnjúkur

Due to relatively warm temperatures in early summer, Hvannadalshnjúkur in Öræfajökull has become hard to climb. Crevasses that used to be covered by a thick layer of snow are now open, and only a thin layer covers other crevasses, creating a great hazard for anyone who walks across.

Due to these dangerous conditions and the climb becoming technical, tour operations in Skaftafell have stopped offering hikes to Hvannadalshnjúkur. There are however other alternatives, such as Hrútsfjallstindar, but going up there requires both knowledge of glacier travels and the appropriate safety equipment.

The pictures shown here were taken on Öræfajökull glacier in May 2010 during crevasse rescue training. As one can easily tell, falling into such a crevasse without being attached to a safety line can lead to serious consequences.

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