S1. Snæfell hut – Laugarfell mountain (28-30km) red

Walk south from the hut through the Þjófadalir valleys, then follow the riding trail to Hálskofi hut. Continue along the riding trail through the Snæfellsnes area and over the Hafursárufs bank, then cross Hafursá river and proceed north to the warm spring at the hut below Laugarfell. This is a good day's walk.

S2. Snæfell hut – Þjófadalir valleys red

You can either start walking from the Snæfell hut or drive the first leg as far south as Langahnjúkur mountain. Walk up Þjófadalsá river through Þjófadalir, staying between Snæfell and the Þjófahnjúkar foothills. Finally a panoramic view will open up before you, looking down over Undir Fellum.

S3. Circling Snæfell (28-30km) red

Generally, people follow Route S2 to begin with, walking through Þjófadalir and enjoying the panoramic view over Undir Fellum. They then follow the high ground of Snæfellsháls, staying above Þjófagilsá river until reaching Hálskofi hut. From there until approaching Hafursá river, they keep near the bottom of the Snæfell slopes, but then turn down to the traditional ford called Eyjabakkavað, where many quit for the day (after walking 18-19km). Those wanting to complete the circle must hike up along Hafursá through Vatnsdalur valley and continue past the Tíutíu foothill (“ten-ten”, i.e. 1010m) and then walk alongside the vehicle track back to Snæfell hut. This is a good day's walk.

S4. Snæfell summit (12-14km) red

While there are several possible routes to the top of Snæfell, the one starting slightly south of the hut and ascending from the west is most commonly used. This route is marked with posts until the glacier is reached. Rising to 1,833m, Snæfell is the highest of any Icelandic mountain outside of the major glaciers, and provides a magnificent view. *A hike of 6-9 hours, depending on ice conditions. Crampons are advisable for this route.

S5. Snæfell hut – Lónsöræfi Nature Reserve (44-46km) black

The first leg of this 3- to 5-day trip starts at Bjálfafell hill and takes you over Eyjabakkajökull to the Geldingafell hut (20km) after wading through a few glacial streams on the way. The next leg takes you to the hut at Kollumúlavatn lake (15km). The final leg involves hiking over the Sandar area, skirting Tröllakrókar cliffs, then descending via the Leiðartungur sheep ranges and following the glacial river Jökulsá down to the Múli huts. It is not far from the huts to Illikambur, where most people choose to be picked up. Note that the map shows only part of this route.

S6.Glúmsstaðasel – Eyjabakkafoss (19km) red

The no-longer-inhabited farm of Glúmsstaðasel, in the arm of Fljótsdalur valley called Norðurdalur, can be reached by 4WD. Walking from there up the east bank of Jökulsá í Fljótsdal, you will pass many waterfalls: Ófærufoss, Gjögurfossar (more than one waterfall), Faxi and Kirkjufoss. Continue onwards to the hut Hrakstrandarkofi and from there to the Eyjabakkafoss cascades.

S7. Eyjabakkafoss cascades – Geldingafell hut (16km) black

After passing Eyjabakkafoss, walk through Eyjabakkar to Eyjakofi hut. Follow Ytri Bergkvísl upstream until turning south towards the Geldingafell hut.

S8. Kleif ruins – Eyjabakkafoss cascades (20km) red

Until the river Jökulsá í Fljótsdal was developed for hydroelectric production, it fed a number of powerful waterfalls. Although their volume has diminished, the hike upstream from the old Kleiffarmstead is still enjoyable. You go through the birch bushes of Kleifarskógur, pass the waterfalls of Gjögurfossar and Faxi and up to Kirkjufoss, the highest of all the falls in the river. Farther up, you also get to Hrakstrandarfoss and Eyjabakkafoss, which is just below the old ford over the river.

S9. Aðalból farm – Dragamót point (13-14km) red

Walk along Hrafnkelsá river, below the gorge of Faxagil. After passing Tungusporður peninsula, continue up the ancient riding trail along Glúmsstaðaá river and through its valley, Glúmsstaðadalur, to Kárahnjúkar Road at Dragamót. Glúmsstaðadalur contains the ruins of a summertime farm outpost and also has a warm spring to relax in. Note that the map shows only part of this route.

S10. Fljótsdalur valley – Lónsöræfi Nature Reserve (50km) black

After gradually ascending Þorgerðarstaðadalur, you pass Sauðárvatn lake and head south over Leiðaröxl ridge to descend into the head of the next valley, Víðidalsdrög. Cross the river Víðidalsá at Norðlingavað and stay on the west side of Víðidalur valley. From Kollumúli mountain, you descend farther into the Leiðartungur sheep ranges to reach yet another former Norðlingavað ford, over Jökulsá í Lóni. In the old days, people from North Iceland waded over this ford on their way to work at fishing stations in the Southeast. Note that the map shows only part of this route.