Map of the campground in Skaftafell

Campground reception located in Skaftafell Visitor Centre:

January - May: 10-16
June - August: 8-20
September: 9-19
November -
December: 10-17




  • The campground in Skaftafell is open all year round. Entrance to the campground is located on the west side (see map).
  • Visitors should register there prior to camping. If you arrive after opening hours, you can pay the following morning.
  • Please avoid all unnecessary vehicle traffic after 23:00 (11 PM).
  • Pitch C is the only one open during the winter to prevent damage on other pitches.
  • Please note that Vatnajökull National Park does not offer any tenting equipment rental.

Skaftafell Visitor Centre opening hours
Tel: +354 470 8300


General Information:

The campground in Skaftafell has room for about 400 tents. There are no designated pitches so no reservations can be made (but don‘t worry, we have never run out of space).

A section is reserved for campers and camping trailers, with access to electricity. Reservations can be made for groups only.

Showers, washing machine and a dryer are located in a building the middle of the campsite.

No indoor dining or cooking facilities are available for campground visitors. Dish washing can be done in kitchen sinks next to the service buildings.

A 3G mobile network and wireless internet covers the campground.


Please make a note of the following campground rules:

  • Always show respect and be considerate to other visitors. Enjoy the sounds of nature and avoid spoiling it with loud music or noise. Keep alcohol consumption at minimum.

  • Peace and quiet shall prevail on the campground from 23:30 to 07:00.

  • Collecting firewood within the national park is not permissible. Care must be taken when using charcoal barbeques, gas cookers and other cooking equipment, in order to prevent fire hazard and vegetation damage. Never pour dirty or boiling water on the ground.

  • Pets are welcome if they are kept securely under control. Care must be taken not to allow them to disrupt either the biota or the peace of other visitors. Dogs must be kept on a lead.

  • Keep your campsite and its surroundings neat and tidy. Put waste in refuse bins. Facilities for sorting waste are next to the visitor centre. Drinking bottles and cans with deposit can be put in separate collecting coops, for the benefit of the local search and rescue team.


Please note that camping in Skaftafell is permissible at designated campgrounds only. To accommodate mountaineers, exception applies in the Skaftafellsfjöll mountain range, where it is permissible to pitch a tent at altitudes above 400 meters above sea level, and in Kjós, at the start of the climb to Þumall. Please contact park personnel for further information.