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The walk from the parking area at Vikraborgir up to Askja takes just over half an hour. The trail is well marked - an easy walk.

Víti (with optional extension around Lake Askja)

A walk from the accommodation facilities at Drekagil leads west over the Dyngjufjöll Mountains to the Víti crater. This is a walk of 2-3 hours one-way.

If the hike is extended around Lake Askja, the round trip will take 8-12 hours. The trail passes along the ridge of Thorvaldstindur on the south side of the lake. It is not possible to walk along the shore of the lake as rock falls from the steep slope of the mountain are almost continuous. Loose volcanic material, mainly pumice, is common in gullies. This, along with switchback paths on the walk up to the summit of the ridge, makes the trail slow-going and demanding.


Allow at least 7-9 hours if you are planning to walk from Drekagil to Brædrafell. The marked trail begins south-east of the edge of Vikrahraun lava field, which is impossible to cross.


A marked trail leaves the parking area near Vikraborgir and crosses the Askja pass at its narrowest point, continuing west to over the pass of Jónsskard to reach the Akureyri Touring Association's cabin in the valley of Dyngjufjalladalur. This hike takes between 9 and 11 hours. Do not set off on this route unless the weather forecast is good.



Please note that the weather in Kverkfjöll and nearby area can change without notice and that fog, storms and sandstorms can take hikers by surprise.

Good equipment is essential.  The approach to the ice caves and onto the glacier must be made with great care due to the danger of falling rock and ice, crevasses and low visibility. It is vital to take all necessary equipment when hiking on a glacier, including a compass or GPS unit, ropes, crampons and sun-glasses.


Sigurdarskáli cabin - Kverkjökull glacier

The snout, or terminus, of Kverkfjöll is approximately 3 km away, along a trail through the moraines or along a vehicle track to the drumlin near the glacier toungue. Beware of falling ice and rocks near the edge of the glacier.

Virkisfell - Biskupsfell

The trail leads inward and upward from Sigurdarskáli Cabin in a northerly direction to Virkisfell (1108 m). Biskupsfell (1240 m), 1½ km to the east, is easily climbed on the south side. Tvíhyrna (1240 m) is clearly visible from there.

Hiking to West Kverkfjöll

From Sigurdarskáli Cabin, the trail heads for the Kverkjökull glacier north of the river Volga, turning south as it ascends the glacier to pass the crevasse areas, reaching the edge of the moraine at an altitude of about 1260 m. From there, it turns up Löngufönn and through Hveratagl to the cabin of the Icelandic Glaciological Society at an altitude of 1700 m.

The glacier is crevassed with moulins (glacier mills). For your safety, do not go on the glacier unless you are accompanied by an experienced glacierguide with all the necessary safety equipment.

Skarphédinstindur - Kverk - Sigurdarskáli Cabin

From the cabin of the Icelandic Glaciological Society at Hveradalur, an easy walk south-east over the Kverkfjöll caldera leads to the peak of Skarphédinstindur (1936 m) where there is a magnificent view. The return journey can take in the west side of Kverk. Please keep in mind that fog banks can form without warning in the Kverkfjöll Mountains, dramatically reducing visibility.



Please note that this is a very remote, uninhabited region with no facilities.

Hvannalindir - Kreppuhryggur - Krepputhröng

A secondary track branches off the Kverkfjöll track in Hvannalindir and leads south-east to a parking area at the north end of the Kreppuhryggur ridge. A short walk onto the ridge will be rewarded with spectacular views over Hvannalindir and to the south-east over Lindahraun to the Kverkfjöll Mountains. The River Kreppa churns through a narrow channel a short distance to the east.

Hvannalindir - outlaws' ruins - Lindakeilir

It is only a short distance from the car park at the end of Kreppuhryggur ridge to the northern edge of the Lindahraun lava field. East of the River Lindaá, at the edge of the lava, lie the ruins of an outlaws' camp. A walk of approximately 2 km walk leads from the ruins, west along the edge of the lava field, over gravel dunes and Lindakvísl, to Lindakeilir, an isolated, cone-shaped tuff hill close to the road, south-west of the vegetated area.

Hvannalindir - Lindaá - Krikatjörn

A longer hike leads from the ruins in Hvannalindir, along the River Lindaá and the edge of the Lindahraun lava field then south to the mountain tarn Krikatjörn or to Sjónarhæd where the track to Hveragil passes by.

Lindafjöll - Rifnihnjúkur - Upptyppingar

The track from Sigurdarskáli Cabin to the bridge over the River Jökulsá á Fjöllum, south of Upptyppingar, crosses the Krepputunguhraun lava field, turns west at the foot of the Lindafjöll Mountains and then north-east past sand dunes and Rifnahnjúkur (780 m), a 100 m high fell consisting of pillow lava topped with a tuff cap. It is deeply scored with fissures and faults.