Ranger programs

Ranger programs 2019

Guided walks are offered from 10th July to August 15th


Askja – Guided walk with a park ranger at 13.00 - A place of wonders and mystery. 
Experience the landscape of Askja, learn about mysterious events and volcanic activity.
Departure from the car park in Askja and finish at crater Viti, duration approx 45 min. 


Kverkfjöll – Guided walk with a park ranger at 10 – Fire and Ice

The geothermal area, the glacier and its processes of glacial erosion and glacial morphology distinguish Kverkfjöll and the surrounding area. A ranger talks about the ever-changing glacier, its processes and the fire that simmers underneath. A short walk on the glacial moraine leads towards the ice cave where the river Volga emerges from the glacier. The walk takes around 50 minutes and starts at the parking lot by Kverkjökull (about 10 minute drive from Sigurðarskáli).


Holuhraun - Guided walk with a park ranger at 10.00 – Land in the making 
Holuhraun was formed in 2014-2015 in Iceland‘s largest lava eruption in 230 years. The guided tour will introduce the journey of the lava from the caldera in Bárðarbunga underneath Vatnajökull glacier and its impact along the way, until creating the lava field and changing even the flow of one of Iceland‘s powerful glacial rivers! The lava field is south of Dyngjufjöll and is still subject to change due to the nature of the area, including visits from travellers. The walk is around 800 m on a marked path on the lava field and takes around 45 minutes. The walk starts at 10am from the parking lot at the northern edge of the lave field (40 minutes drive from Drekagil).


Hvannalindir – Guided walk with a park ranger at 13.00. 
Walk in the desert oasis that perhaps provided Fjalla- Eyvindur the outlaw a hide out. Join the rangers of Vatnajökull National Park for a walk. 
Starting at 13.00 at the parking lot. Duration approximately 1-1,5 hr.


Daily guided tour at 9:00

An oasis in the highlands, home of birds and outlaws. For centuries Herðubreiðarlindir have been a haven of life in the middle of the extensive lava field named Ódáðahraun. During the walk we will observe the delicate flora and fauna as well as the powerful forces that created the lava field and the national mountain Herðubreið. Tour starts by the accomodation hut in Herðubreiðarlindir and takes around 1 hour.