Nýidalur hiking



Distance: 3 km 
Walking time: 1-2 hrs 
Path difficulty:
Challenging (red)

An easy walk in the vicinity of Nýidalur. Unbridged streams.


Tómasarhagi – Háhyrna – Nýidalur

Distance: 10 km 
Walking time: 3-4 hrs 
Path difficulty:
Difficult (black)

A hike to the summit of Háhyrna by way of Þvermóður or Fremri-Hagajökull; an ascent of 750 m. Beautiful views of Tungnafellsjökull and the central highlands.


Innri - Hagajökull

Distance: 2 km (one way)
Walking time: 2 hrs 
Path difficulty:
  Challenging (red)


A comfortable walk up a gentle slope, through glacial moraines to Innri-Hagajökull. Close to an outlet glacier.


Nýidalur – Vonarskarð – Nýidalur 

Distance: 12,5 km (one way)
Walking time: 10 hrs 
Path difficulty:
  Challenging (red)

The trail follows Mjóháls ridge into Vonarskarð and leads to the Hverahlíð high temperature geothermal area which has varied geothermal formations. From Mjóháls there is a magnificent view of Nýidalur and Tungnafellsjökull.