About Vonarskarð

Hiking routes lead from Nýidalur on Sprengisandsleið (F 26) to Vonarskarð. The northern end of Vonarskarð pass can be reached via a track from Dyngjufjallaleið (F910) west of Skjálfandafljót, ending at a car park by Gjósta. The southern end of the pass can be reached from a track which turns off Sprengisandsleið (F26) at Skrokkalda by Hágöngulón, ending at a car park between Kolufell and Svarthöfði.

Vonarskarð is the watershed between north and south Iceland; it is also the source of both Skjálfandafljót and Kaldakvísl. The rivers rise as numerous rivulets in wet sand in the middle of the mountain pass and the tributaries interface interestingly. Small rivers descend from Bárðarbunga into the pass. Occasional glacier bursts occur in one of them, originating in a cauldron in western Bárðarbunga and indicating that a high temperature field lies under the glacier.