About Nýidalur

Nýidalur (a.k.a. Jökuldalur) is a valley on Sprengisandsleið (F26), south of the glacier Tungnafellsjökull. It is a frequent stop for travelers of the highlands, as huts and camping site of The Icelandic Touring Association are located there. During the summer, park rangers are present in Nýidalur; they manage the area and provide information.

East of Tungnafellsjökull, north of Nýidalur, is a small oasis called Tómasarhagi after Tómas Sæmundsson (1807–1843) who was the priest at Breiðabólstaður in Fljótshlíð and a member of the group behind the literary journal Fjölnir. He was one of the most travelled Icelanders of his generation. In 1834, while crossing Sprengisandur, he and his companions were caught in a terrible snowstorm and wandered eastwards off the normal route. Soon the horses began to graze, they had found grass under the snow in an unexpected place. The men were able to camp without worrying and wait for the storm to subside.