Laki hiking

Dear visitors as we welcome you to enjoy the stunning paths around Laki please walk on the marked and posted paths. Walking on moss can kill it and then it does not re-grow in the same place.



Distance: 2 km (4 km circular path)
Walking time: 1 - 1½ hrs. circular path
Path difficulty:
Challenging path (red)

From the car park, it is a pleasant walk up the mountain Laki (818 m a.s.l.), standing 200 m above the surrounding area. There are excellent views of the crater row. 


Visitor trail

Distance: 500 m circular path
Walking time: ½ hrs.

Path difficulty: Easy path (blue)

At Laki a visitor trail tells the story of the catastrophic Skaftá Fires eruption in 1783-4, and informs the visitor about the natural environment of the Lakagígar craters. The trail, which is about 500 meters in length, passes through one of the craters. The start of the visitor trail is marked by an information sign, where the visitor can pick up a guide leaflet. At numbered posts along the route, the visitor pauses to read a brief story or text in the leaflet about a natural phenomenon nearby. The project is sponsored by the Friends of Vatnajökull

Visitor Trail Guide leaflet (English) here.



Distance: 100 m one way
Walking time: ½ hour
Path difficulty:
Suitable for assisted wheelchair-users (green path)

From the car park there is a path to the edge of Tjarnargígur. From there is a beautiful view over the pond in the crater. 


Tjarnargígur - Eldborgarfarvegur

Distance: 4,5 km, circular path
Walking time: 2 hours
Path difficulty:
Easy path (blue)

From the edge of Tjarnargígur an easy path continues along a curving lava channel Eldborgarfarvegur, through an interesting crater area which is well vegetated.


Lambavatn - Kambar

Distance: 11 km circular path
Walking time: 3-4 hrs
Path difficulty:
Difficult path (red)

From the car park at Lambavatn lake in the Laki craters, the trail follows the eastern side of Kambavatn and up the Kambar ridge. From Kambar there is a good view over the lakes and lava in the Skaftá river area, and towards Sveinstindur. The return path follows the northern side of Kambar and back to Kambavatn. Remember to stay on path at all time the moss is extremely sensitive.


Úlfarsdalur - Skaftárgljúfur - Kambar

Distance: 11 km circular path
Walking time: 3-4 hrs
Path difficulty:
Difficult path (red)

The trail starts at the car park furthest to the west on the Laki crater row, and goes up to the river Skaftá gorge at the Uxatindar ridge. The return follows the river up the Kambar ridge and down Úlfarsdalssker.