Eldgjá hiking

Eldgjá - Ófærufoss

Distance: 2,5 km (one way)
Walking time: 2 1/2 hrs. (both ways)
Path difficulty: Difficult path (red)

From the car park at Eldgjá, this is an easy path along the gorge bottom, to the Ófærufoss waterfall, giving a good idea of the size of the gorge.


Eldgjá - Gjátindur

Distance: 7 km (one way)
Walking time: 3-4 hrs. (one way)
Path difficulty: Challenging path (red)/Difficult path (black) 

This route lies from the car park at Eldgjá, to the Ófærufoss waterfall, and then upp on the eastern edge of the gorge and onto the Gjátindur mountain (943 m a.s.l.). From there on a good day, there is a wonderful view of the gorge and Skaftá area. The return may be the same way or via the gorge bottom, notice path to the bottom is steep and difficult.


Strangakvísl - Eldgjá 

Distance: 2 km (one way)
Walking time: 1 hrs. (one way)
Path difficulty: Challenging path (red)

To get from Hólaskjól to Eldgjá by car one must cross the Strangakvísl river. Those who would not like to cross the river by car can park the car on the southern bank of the river and walk to Eldgjá over the walking bridge.