Ranger programs

12th of July - 15th of August


Beauty and catastrophe, the impact of Skaftáreldar

At 12 o’clock every day except Saturdays and Tuesdays from Laki parking lot.

Short hike on Laki mountain where we look through the history of Skaftáreldar an eruption that was the beginning of drastic changes of life in the northern hemisphere. The hike takes about 40 min.

Following the lava

At 15:30 every Saturday from Tjarnargígur parking lot.

From burning lava to fields of moss. The creation of the craters and life on the lava. The walk takes about 30 min.



How to enlarge an Island?

At 11:15 every day from Eldgjá parking lot.

A short walk into the Eldgjá rift. Ranger describes its creation and points out interesting sights. The walk takes about 30 min.