The numbers of the hiking paths are in accordance to the number of the paths on the hiking map. Note that at crossroads out in the field these numbers are not at sign posts.

H-1 Hólmatungur circle

Distance: 4,5 km (circle
Walking time: 1.5-2
Starting point: Hólmatungur parking area
Route difficulty: Easy route (blue)

From the parking area you take the westerly trail that goes north along the Hólmá River, with its countless islets and angelica-lined banks, all the way to the Hólmárfossar cascades. The return route is the easterly route, south alongside the Jökulsá River and then it turns east, to the parking area. It is possible to add to this route a loop down to Katlar, see route  H-2.

H-2 Katlar

Distance: 2 km (back and forth)
Walking time: 0,5-1
Starting point: Hólmatungur parking area
Route difficulty: Challenging route (red)

From the parking area you follow the route east towards the Jökulsá River and turn right at the intersection to Katlar (Kettles). In Katlar the Jökulsá river channel narrows greatly and  the whirlpools are enormous, as if the river was boiling. It is quite a contrast to the quiet and clear spring water streams coming from underground ravines, opening into Hólmatungur. Follow the same way back.

H-3 Ytra-Þórunnarfjall

Distance: 0.6 km (back and forth)
Walking time: 0,5 hr
Starting point: Hólmatungur parking area
Route difficulty: Challenging route (red)

From the parking area in Hólmatungur is a short walk south up to a small hill named after Þórunn, a minister´s wife living in the farm Ás during the 14th century. Although the hill is not very high the view over Hólmatungur and south over the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon is scenic. Same path is followed back to the parking area.