Gæsavatnaleið partially closed, partially impassable

Gæsavatnaleið via Flæður is closed due to high water levels on Flæður. There is also snow on Gæsavatnaleið, snowdrifts can be up to 80 cm deep. Even in only 10 cm of snow the road on Urðarháls near Kistufell becomes impossible to see and extremely difficult to drive with high risk of damaging the car and nature due to off-road driving. Therefore we recommend to take the F910 north of Trölladyngja, that road is possible for bigger jeeps like Land Cruisers, Land Rovers, Nissan Patrol etc.

Please contact rangers in Drekagil for further information: +354-842-4357 and/or rangers in Nýidalur +354-842-4377

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