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Skaftafell Visitor Centre


Opening hours for Skaftafell Visitor Centre in 2015:

January: 11-16
February/March/April: 10-17
May: 9-19
June/July/August: 8-21
September: 9-19
October/November: 10-17
December: 11-16

About Skaftafell Visitor Centre

Skaftafell Visitor Centre is an information and service centre where visitors can find answers to their questions about the Skaftafell area, along with information about hiking trails, accommodation and nearby recreational options. 

Skaftafell Visitor Centre has an exhibition room where the story of fire and ice is told; the way in which volcanoes and glaciers have struggled to form the surrounding region and the effects of eruptions and glacial outburst floods on daily lives of people. Items from the fateful expedition of British students in 1952 are on display along with a film about the southern territory of Vatnajökull National Park.

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Contact information:

Vatnajökull National Park
785 Öraefi

Tel: +354 4708300
Fax: +354 4708309