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Hiking in Lónsöraefi


LonsoraefiHDA014Eskifell - Kambar - Illikambur

Sheep trails lead from the deserted farm of Eskifell inward past Kambar at Illikambur then along the rugged canyon of the River Jökulsá. This route passes much lower down the slopes than the vehicle track over the high heath.

Múlaskáli Cabin- Kollumúlavatn - Geldingafell

This trail follows the River Jökulsá upstream then over Leidartungur and up to Sandar where a cabin stands next to Lake Kollmúlavatn. From there it climbs the pass over Tröllakrókahnaus (809 m), turns north over Kollumúlahraun lava field and passes through Vatnadæld to a cabin below the north face of Mt Geldingafell. From there a trail winds over Eyjabakkajökull glacier to Snæfell. Another option is to walk over Múlahraun lava field to Eyjabakkar and follow the River Jökulsá to the Fljótsdalur valley.

Múlaskáli - Kollumúlavatn - Múladalur/Geithellnadalur

Head into Leidartungur then up onto Sandar and onwards to Lake Kollumúlavatn. From there, go up onto Kollumúlaheidi Moor, cross the River Vídidalsá at the Nordlingavad ford then head for Lake Hnútuvatn. Go past Háás down into Múladal valley where a small cabin stands on a low rise known as Leirás. Follow a rough mountain vehicle track for 20 km down to the valley and habitation. The valley is called Geithellnadalur on the east bank of the river.

Vídidalsdrög - Saudárvatn - Sudurdalur in Fljótshlíd

From the Nordlingavad ford over the River Vídidalsá, this route makes for Vídidalsdrög on the east side of the river, following old cairns marking the district boundaries over Vídidalsvarp. The cairned route lies just south of Lake Saudárvatn, from where the old route for those on horseback dropped down through the valleys of Thorgerdarstadadalur and Sudurdalur into the Fljótsdalur valley. The shortest walk back to civilisation, however, lies on the east side of Lake Saudárvatn, out onto Mt Kidufell (Sudurfell), down off the fell north-east of the River Ófæruá, across the River Fellsá and over a footbridge near the farm of Sturluflöt.

Gjögur - Meingil - Stórihaus

A marked trail lies from the cabin at Múlaskáli, past Gjögur to the Meingil ravine, then up along its western edge to two waterfalls. From there, descend to Stórahnaus down the scree slope beyond Stórahnausgil Gill to the cabin. A section of the trail through Gjögur is exposed and not recommended for those who have a fear of heights.


Múlakollur (901 m) can be scaled from the trail passing Gjögur or almost directly from Múlaskáli cabin. A longer route crosses Leirártungur to Sandar then turns south-east onto the summit. The view from the edge a little further south looks across to Mt Sviptungnakollur, Mt Hnappadalstindur and Grísatungnagil Gill east of the River Vídidalsá. A descent can be made between the gullies.

Grund in Vídidalur

To reach the valley of Vídidalur, cross Leidartungur and go east over Sandar. The old farmhouse site at Grund is in a hollow at an altitude of approximately 400 m on the east side of the River Vídidalsá below Hofsjökull glacier. The ruins of the last farmhouse (1883-97) are clearly visible. There is no bridge over the River Vídidalsá and it can be hard or even impossible to ford. However, the river can sometimes be crossed by means of a snow bridge further north in the canyon. A hiking trail from Grund goes over a pass south of Hofsjökull to Hofsdalur valley or Flugustadadalur valley in Álftafjördur.

Jökulsárdalur - Tröllakrókar - Vesturdalur

A thoroughly enjoyable but difficult hike enters the valley of Jökulsárdalur then traverses Stórsteinar and the Tröllakrókar cliffs to reach Vesturdalur valley. Do not follow the course of the River Jökulsá between Leidartungur and Stórsteinar due to avalanche obstructions in several sections of the river. It is possible to climb Kollumúla further along by ascending the scree slopes near Tröllakrókar and following the ridge on Kollumúla. The return route crosses over Leidartungur.

Mt Saudhamarstindur

Climbing the peak of Saudhamarstindur (1319 m) can be quite difficult and it is a good idea to take crampons and an ice axe. The route goes via Vídibrekkusker or along a gully a little to the south of the Múlaskáli cabin. It is necessary to climb a scree slope onto a high belt of cliffs, then to cross over snow cover to Rödull, the south eastern shoulder of the mountain, and from there proceed up to the highest peak. Please contact a ranger for more information.

Skyndidalur - Keiluvellir - Hoffellsdalur

The route from the sands at Jökulsársandur into the northern end of Skyndidalur valley and on to Keiluvellir valley is an easy hike. Further along, the River Lambatungnaá falls with some force into the River Skyndidalsá. From there, walk over Lambatungnajökull glacier or wade across the River Skyndidalsá and continue up the Nautastíg path then south to Hoffelsdalur valley.