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Ice caves in Vatnajökull outlet glaciers: Safety announcement - 4.4.2017

Due to increased hours of daylight and higher air temperature, ice caves in the outlet glaciers of Vatnajökull have become less stable and more dangerous to visit. It is important that people take the utmost care all the time when near an ice cave and that they evaluate its condition prior to entering

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Holiday opening hours of Visitor Centres - 19.12.2016

This winter, three of the five Visitor Centres in Vatnajokull National Park have had daily opening hours. These are the Skaftafell Visitor Centre and Gamlabúð Visitor Centre (in Höfn), in the southern territory of the park, and Ásbyrgi Visitor Centre up north. The first two have had daily opening hours for some years but Ásbyrgi Visitor Centre joined the the other two this winter. A welcoming and needed service to those park visitors who visit us during the winter months.
The opening hours during the Christmas holidays are as following:

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Closing of hiking paths in Skaftafellsheiði 17.-18. November due to heavy wind - 17.11.2016

Extreme winds and gusts are expected in the south and south east today Thursday, 17. November until tomorrow, Friday, 18. November. Hiking path S3 around Skaftafellsheiði is closed due to the storm until Saturday. Path S6 is also not recommended during the storm. Read more

Ongoing constructions on the path to Svartifoss waterfall in Skaftafell - 9.11.2016

For the past couple of weeks constructions and maintenance work have been underway on the main path to Svartifoss. This photo was taken during the weekend when rangers and local farmers in Öræfi were working on the path. Further constructions will take place this week. 

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